Hey, I'm Barbara.

 I'm an entrepreneur - lifestyle photographer and interior decorator dedicated to all beautiful things. 

Since 2013, I have devoted my craft to placing clients first, and I don't plan to do anything different as I continue in the field of photography and interior decorating.

Ever since the internet provided a platform to voice beautiful art and photography, I have been obsessed with creating. This passion followed me into taking "just because" classes in graphic design as a public relations minor pursuing my economics bachelor's degree at the University of Miami. 

Shortly after graduating, my love for photography began.

In 2013, I began photographing e-commerce stores, learning about content creation and began to appreciate aesthetics and design. 

Fast forward to 2016, I moved to Switzerland. Switzerland being the epitome of beautiful landscape photography, I quickly discovered a new branch of inspiration with a new culture and lifestyle. I found an opportunity as an in-house photographer to continue leveling up my creative skills with a local Swiss leather goods brand, Lost and Found. In addition to photography, I discovered a whole new world in interior design. I spent hours and hours online researching design, interiors, learning about history and art, all while living in a historic city, being immersed in art every single day. I realized I felt strongly for this field. I developed an eye for classic, modern, timeless designs and learning how to make them look modern and up to date, cozy, welcoming, and functional. 

In my 5 years abroad, I came across many different styles of design, but what stood out to me the most was the quality of the pieces within spaces. The long-lasting materials that were given priority over anything else. Many moments still stand out to me when I learned that many family member's furniture would be 20+ years old, still looking brand new, current, and intact. The love for preservation and timelessness was evident – these “old” things still looked like they could last a many more decades. I want to bring this in all my designs – minimalism, quality materials, with a touch of current trends.

It took me a journey of 10 years of informal and formal training to today's destination. 

If you'd like to know more about me, pricing or just to chat: barbsacevedo@gmail.com

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