Hey, I'm Barbara.

 I'm an entrepreneur and lifestyle photographer dedicated to all beautiful things. 

My purpose is not just to shoot captivating photography, but to create an enjoyable experience as memorable as the moment itself.

Since 2011, I have devoted my craft to placing clients first, and I don't plan to do anything different as I embark on my forever passion project in photography.

Ever since the internet provided a platform to voice beautiful art and photography, I have been obsessed with the process and creation. My passion followed me into taking "just because" classes in graphic design as a public relations minor pursuing my economics bachelor's degree at the University of Miami. Shortly after graduating, I received my first career position at an accounting firm.

Yet, I still felt something was missing.

It all came full circle when a close friend placed a professional DSLR camera in my hands. I still carry that same euphoric feeling I felt holding that camera as I shoot today.

In 2015, inspired by the success of Sophia Amoruso's Nasty Gal e-commerce store, I opened up my first 'side hustle' fashion project named Femme Realm. It was my creative outlet and most enormous propeller in the creation of visual aesthetics. The crossroads between running my online clothing store and my love for photography was the pinnacle of my photoshoot education. Femme Realm shined a light to truly appreciate the art of photo shooting, creating, and caring for the experience of the entire creative team.

Fast forward to 2016. I moved to Switzerland to marry the love of my life. Switzerland being the epitome of beautiful landscape photography, I quickly discovered a new branch of inspiration with a new culture and lifestyle. I found an opportunity as an in-house photographer to continue leveling up my photography shooting skills with a local Swiss leather goods brand called Lost and Found. Here is where I discovered my approach to shooting etiquette and style: ALWAYS be compassionate and have fun along the way. 

My values in photography quickly grew into always showing the most authentic essence of the person as to how THEY see themselves versus the growing popular 'fake photoshop' or 'Instagram filter' styles.

It took me a journey of 10 years of informal and formal training to today's destination of Barbara Acevedo Photography. I encourage you to seek my storytelling in my portfolio work, here.

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